Mothers day

Mother, such a special name! A privilege, an honor, a name every woman who carried a child shares.

A mother is the woman we want when we sick, the woman we call our best friend later in life, the woman who will always understand no matter what it is, the woman who can listen with an open heart, the woman that will protect till the bitter end, the woman that hurts with a smile, the woman that carries her family’s cross, the woman that can do it all in one, the woman that can be firm in a gentle way, the woman that is always just that one call away!

A short word mom and such a big description. The definition of mom is not just a child barrer but also a homemaker, a peace maker and the glue for each family.

Happy mothers day to all the mommies in the world! Be a blessing in your home by just being you!


Time will heal

I am free but I must say it doesn’t feel the way I thought? I wanted to cut myself loose for a very long time now and now that I am out…. Not apart off…. It feels kind of sad in a weird way? Why is it that woman never know what they want? I know what I want and I got what I wanted but I don’t feel the way I thought I would have?

Are all woman like this? Are we all going 100% for what we want and when we get there we feel a bitty disorientated? Lost?

At least I know one thing, I know it is right for me and I know it is all going to be okay!

Time my friend, time is the one thing that heals šŸ™‚

Ladies night out

So you bath the kids early, wash your hair to make sure there is no food in it, dress up all pretty, add some mascara and off you go to enjoy a night out on the town with the girls!

You arrive with your “china’s” waiting for you outside so that you don’t have to go in alone. The long table is set with a nice fire place nearby. We take place but immediately it’s that one group with two groups kind of thing! We order the first round and conversation begins, first light stuff and the more we drink the heavier the conversation.

We laugh out loud, really giggle at silly things and tell jokes that is actually not that funny but hilarious at that very moment! This is now after a few drinks. We really getting into it all, well the one half of the long table! Everybody orders food, no red meat, only chicken or fish, you can see it’s a bunch of chicks! We so enjoy our food but once it’s done the drinking must go on!

Only problem with these things conversation can really dry up… What else is there to talk about than your kids? Well the one half of the long table and unfortunately we all get sucked in because we all have kids!

Why can’t we leave them at home, why must there always be someone that can’t seem to let go for a few hours? What’s the use of having these nights if we don’t just let go? It’s important to always ask who is going before you RSVP! All the build up, getting dressed and ready to have some what I call “t-time” for boring conversation, long faces because they too stuck up to laugh out loud and jump out their skin every once in a blue moon!

A ladies night out should always involve some singing, dancing and laughing without feeling that you are being judged or becoming the next weeks’ coffee conversation!

In future remind me to check the name list and choose my ladies nights wiser!

What is the problem?

What’s up with the world today? Has money taken over the world? Big diamonds, Guess jeans, Diesel boots, Prada hand bags, Gucci sunglasses?? It seems like we are surrounded by fake blond hair with extensions and fake eye lashes! If I find this in even some of my closes friendships, what does that make me? I hate what this world is in “shopping” yet I miss it every day! I stopped shopping the 1st January as a challenge for myself and must say… wow what a challenge!

Its pretty amazing what a little house wife can do if she can’t shop! The rules are not so heavy so I still get to buy my kiddies what they need but for most parts I don’t shop! I am not out there buying adorable hair clips, cheap sunglasses, costume jewelery and accessories enough to accessorize a High school full of girls!

Its made me aware of what I buy, when and why I am buying it! Like for birthdays I am making presents instead of buying them and this way I get to learn new things as well as be creative!

So if this whole challenge is so good for me why do I sometimes feel that I have to explain myself to people who acts as if I am being silly? And then once again these people call themselves my friends!

Honestly get a life already!

Why is it so hard? (via Tampax and Wine)

I am married, and even if I must say it myself, it is to a pretty good man! He is actually my hero… but I swear I look at him, at us sometimes and I think what the hell was I thinking. 7 Years of fighting, 7 years of begging, 7 years of trying, 7 years of me nagging and to be honest, I am getting tired of my own nagging voice! Why is it that men can’t hear us, they can’t understand us. All I am trying to do is for him to see what I need but it … Read More

via Tampax and Wine

Living in the moment?

Question: Why is it so hard for us to live in the moment?

We always want what’s suppose to come tomorrow… still in school, want to be out of school, single then we want a boyfriend. If we are in a serious relationship we want to be engage, if we engage we can’t wait to get married! When we still have our freedom we cant wait for children and so I can carry on.

Instead of living in the moment today because the rest is inevitable, I mean it is all to follow sooner or later. Eventually we all meet our husbands, we all have kiddies, we all fall in love and we all get what we dream of.

Is it not better to live today for today because when you are single, as a woman who is, it is the only time ever in your life that you will be your own boss. Once you marry, you have a man to listen to, before it was your dad and mom. Once you become Mrs you can never go back to Miss… NEVER! Should we not appreciate what we have then? Live it to the full and wait patiently for what is to come tomorrow.

Once you become a mommy you can never go back to not being a mom. You will always have your kidsĀ on your mind, always worry, never ever true complete freedom again, should we not then just live in the moment before we have children?

When I was in school I could not wait to finish and become my own boss, but with that came a whole lot of new responsibilities. Now I sometimes find myself thinking backĀ to those days, wishing to go backĀ living with mom and dad just for one week, no responsibilities, lots of sleep, no cooking, no shopping, no bank card, no financial responsibilities!

I am sure we all do this. I am sure we all can’t wait for the future and then in the future find ourselves looking back at the past missing it, realising we should have appreciated it more.

I sure am going to try harder living in today, know what I have and love it. I think it is a choice and I am making that choice today. šŸ™‚

Letting go

My baby Nika, is now 7 months and I just can’tĀ seem to let go.Ā Most of my behaviour is pretty normal I’m sure, but I feel like I always have to be there when she wakes and when she goes to bed. I hate sending her in a car with even my own husband, and when she is off with someone else, which by the way has only happenedĀ like 4 times and only with my mom and husband I feel lost, lonely and anxious.

She is with me 24/7, I’m a stay at home mom and am loving it but I do feel like a breakĀ every now and again, then I get moments and opportunitiesĀ like today where my mom takes Nika for a visit and I land up not doing anything because I can’t relax and just let go.

I’m fine if my mom looks after her at my house for an hour or two while I go for lunch with the girls, you know the normal 10 minutes here, 10 minutesĀ there, but when it comes to big steps like this I just can’t seem to let go.

I have a ladies weekend coming up soon where I’ll be goneĀ for a whole weekend and I don’t know how I’m going to cope. How do we take those first steps away from our babies and pretend things are the same as it was beforeĀ they were here? Will my timeĀ ever be the same again? Will I ever feel the same freedom again? Is this going to be the story of my life or will this blow over?

Is it just me or are there other new mommies out there with separation anxiety?

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